City of Orange Eisteddfod – General Rules

  1. This competition is open to amateurs only, i.e people who do not derive their major income from performance.
  2. ENTRIES: In 2016 entries will be made on-line at
    If you have difficulties with on-line entries please contact us for help. An on-line admin fee will be $5 per invoice. Method of payment will be credit/debit card only.
    Manual entries may be sent to Entry Secretary. PO Box 8556, Orange. NSW 2800, accompanied by cheque or money order for entry fee.
  3. No entries will be accepted or recorded unless accompanied by full entry fee.
  4. No refund will be made for an entry fee paid after the entry has been accepted.
  5. In all competitions which are subject to an age limit, the age of the competitor shall be taken at the 31st December, 2016. The Committee reserves the right to call upon any competitor at any time to provide a copy of his/her Birth Certificate and can withhold any prize until certificate has been produced.
  6. Local is a competitor living in an area with a 2800 postcode.
  7. Restricted means never having won a first prize in that section at any age at any Eisteddfod or competition up to the closing date of entries. (This refers to the title of the section, not the routine/piece.) Competitors eligible are permitted to enter Restricted or Open sections, or both, but must not repeat the same routine/piece.
  8. In all sections where 2 or more are competing, the names of each competitor must be given at the time of entry, except in the case of groups.
  9. Competitors must not have been pupils of the adjudicator in the 6 months prior to the Eisteddfod.
  10. Entrants are responsible for royalty and copyright payments and liabilities if any.
  11. Competitors enter at their own risk.
  12. Notification of appearance is not given by mail unless a program is ordered on entering.
    NB: For on-line entries, programs may be ordered from the EXTRAS menu, or downloaded from the Orange Eisteddfod website –
  13. All care has been taken in the compilation of the Syllabus and Program and the Committee reserves the right to rectify any errors or omissions.
  14. Please check receipt of entries carefully and rectify errors or omissions immediately, as no alterations can be made after program is printed.Performances
  15. The Committee reserves the right to amend the program at any time, to appoint a substitute or additional adjudicator, to divide or combine any sections or to alter competition times.
  16. No competitor may compete more than once in any one section unless specific rules apply.
  17. Competitors must be ready to take their place on the stage at the appointed time and in the order set down in the program.
  18. No person may take another person’s place in the program.
  19. No medals are to be worn on stage.
  20. No rehearsals are allowed on the stage of any venue during the Eisteddfod.
  21. Please note that the use of inappropriate material in performances could lead to disqualification by the adjudicator.
  22. No videos or photographs are to be taken of any performance with the exception of the official photographers. This includes the use of mobile phones.
  23. All mobile phones are to be switched off in all venues during performances.
  24. Audience members are asked not to enter or leave the venue while competitors are performing.
  25. The decision of the adjudicator is final unless a protest is lodged. Protests must be in writing, setting out full details of the protest and accompanied by a deposit of $20. If the protest is not upheld the deposit is forfeited.
  26. Verbal grievances/complaints to individual Committee members, volunteers or other parents are not in the spirit of the Eisteddfod competition and will not be tolerated and could lead to exclusion from any further participation in the Eisteddfod.
  27. The Adjudicator has the authority of the Committee to withhold or alter any prize which he/she is of the opinion that sufficient merit has not been displayed.
  28. A report sheet from the Adjudicator will be available free of charge for competitors in each section.
  29. If any competitor, teacher or parent approaches the Adjudicator before or during any section, the competitor may be disqualified.
    Electrical Equipment
  30. All electrical equipment brought into the performance venues must be checked by a Certified Electrician prior to the Eisteddfod and have a current electrical tag in place. Any electrical equipment not meeting the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines will not be allowed to be used.
  31. The Committee reserves the right to use the competitor’s details in the compilation of the program, including photographs for publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, it is the competitor’s (or carer’s) responsibility to notify a member of the Orange Eisteddfod Committee.


Spirit of the Eisteddfod

The motto of our Eisteddfod is ‘Learn and Grow through Performance’ and we aim to provide a supportive and encouraging environment where competitors can achieve their best.

The Eisteddfod Committee values the positive contribution of a supportive and respectful audience to all competitors.


Vocal and Instrumental Rules


Speech and Drama Rules


Dance Rules